Carole's Corner

  • Rhodochrosite

    Rhodochrosite is a beautiful pink mineral often occurring with creamy banding or rarely as a pure red rhomboidal crystals. It is composed of manga...
  • Bumble Bee Jasper

    In the mountains of Indonesia there is found a fiery yellow mineral formed in bands of volcanic sediment and carbon included with aluminum, arsenic, iron and sulfur.  
  • Stones of Intuition

    For me, in times of uncertainty I lean on my crystal allies and energy keepers to help activate and open my intuitive centers to assist me in navigating new pathways. 
  • The Chakras

    Have you ever wondered what the big deal is about chakras? Everyone should be aware of the chakras because their functioning dominates our psyches. When your chakras function well you see clearly in the present moment without the trappings of past experiences. The ideas you hold in your mind effect how you see the present moment and the flow of energy through your chakras. Conversely the flow of energy through your chakras, or lack of flow, affect the way you see and feel about the present moment.