Bumble Bee Jasper

In the mountains of Indonesia there is found a fiery yellow mineral formed in bands of volcanic sediment and carbon included with aluminum, arsenic, iron and sulfur.  Visually and energetically impactful, Bumblebee Jasper (or Bumble Bee Jasper) is toxic to breathe as dust, to ingest, or to overly expose to the skin. I recommend tactile folks who love to hold their stones to carry this one in a nice satin pouch to prevent absorbing any toxic elements through the skin. Jasper in this case is more of a trade name than indicative of the mineral itself. It does not have enough quartz present to make it jasper, nor sufficient to bind the elements to prevent all absorption by skin. It should be handled mindfully and minimally. Jewelry should be set in away to elevate it off the skin, like a bezel setting. There are also other ways to focus its energy to experience its metaphysical benefits.

One can attune themselves to the energy of Bumblebee jasper visually as an easy substitute for skin contact. The gold fiery pattern is indicative of the manifestation of its energy in one’s life: firing up confidence and motivation; to seize the day and to transform fear; to tap into one’s passion, purpose, and inspiration; to push past mental and emotional obstacles in the way of obtaining success and true self expression. It’s energy is helpful in overcoming self-doubt; for empowerment and to generate a sense of self-worth; and for manifesting the endurance to obtain one’s goals.

An excellent energetic practice is to learn the vibrational signature of Bumblebee Jasper by using it in a visual meditation. Place the stone on a shelf or in a position that is easy to rest your gaze on. Arrange yourself comfortably and proceed to center, ground and settle yourself while breathing slowly with your eyes closed. When you are ready, open your eyes and gaze at the Bumblebee Jasper, at the golden band. Take a few deep breaths in this state. Then close your eyes and intend, or imagine, the golden of the Bumblebee in the center point of your skull, your pineal gland. Take your time. When you are ready, project the gold as flames out into your energy field. For me it is to the 3rd layer of the field, but go with the flow for your own experience. It could be to the body itself, or filling the whole field. You may be drawn to send this energy to your solar plexus and your sacral chakra too. Drop down deep into this energy. In your inner vision, let it consume the obstacles in your way and the ways you hold yourself back. Take time to envision that which you wish to create in your life from your highest aspect of self. Take the leap! For extra support take your Bumblebee Jasper with you in a little pouch in your pocket.

May the Bumblebee buzz be with you.