The Chakras

by Carole White

Have you ever wondered what the big deal is about chakras? Everyone should be aware of the chakras because their functioning dominates our psyches. When your chakras function well you see clearly in the present moment without the trappings of past experiences. The ideas you hold in your mind effect how you see the present moment and the flow of energy through your chakras. Conversely the flow of energy through your chakras, or lack of flow, affect the way you see and feel about the present moment.

Your soul essence powers your body and mind through the core of your being. As a human prism this energy flows through seven major energy centers with frequencies that correspond to the colors of the rainbow. Starting with white and violet at the top down to red at the bottom, each center or chakra supports a different aspect of the human energy field. When everything is flowing you feel optimistic, centered, empowered, present, relaxed, loving and grateful.

Conscious breath and focused awareness can support the flow of energy to each chakra. Crystals can assist because they hold and radiate energy similar to the energy signature of the chakras. 

The Chakras

The crown chakra at the top of your head is the gateway of the soul essence to the physical form. The flow here allows our higher selves to illuminate and inspires us with brilliant white light. Generally clear and purple stones like selenite, apophyllite, clear calcite, quartz and amethyst support a clear and activated crown chakra.

The third eye sits centrally on your brow. It helps you perceive energies that are not perceived with the five senses. It improves your psychic awareness. Azurite, lapis, amethyst, charoite and sugilite are prized for activating the third eye. Generally speaking, stones that are purple or indigo assist with this chakra.

The throat chakra governs self-expression. Its hue is light blue. It also governs clairaudience. Aquamarine, blue calcite, blue lace agate and lapis help open the throat chakra to express yourself.=

The heart chakra allows our full essential loving presence to be expressed and experienced. When open, it yields a state of relaxation, ease, joy, spontaneity and presence. It allows love in and out. Thoughts of gratitude keep it clear and flowing. Green and pink stones support the heart chakra including rose quartz, morganite, green aventurine, green calcite and pink, green and watermelon tourmaline.

The solar plexus is yellow gold and sits between the bottom of your sternum and your belly button. When it is open and clear your sense of self is strong, confident and at ease without being dominating and controlling. Tiger eye, golden calcite and citrine are excellent for the solar plexus.

The sacral chakra is orange and located three finger lengths below the belly button. This chakra supports your creative, sexual and vital energy. It is involved in creative manifestation of the vision for your life  Orange calcite, carnelian  and mahogany obsidian are excellent for healing and supporting this chakra.

The root chakra at the base of the spine and genital area supports the health of your grounding system. It radiates a red energy and promotes vitality and abundance. Visualizing roots and sending energy or loving intention and gratitude towards the center of the earth anchor your soul, helping create your thoughts and desires in the world. Black, brown, metallic and reddish stones correspond to the root chakra including smoky quartz, red jasper, red calcite, garnet, black tourmaline, black onyx and hematite.

Visualizing dynamic white light flowing down through the central core assists in clearing all the chakras. Selenite wands are helpful to clear this energy and also can be directed at a specific chakra. Any time and focus spent on directing the flow of energy through your central core and grounding into the earth will help your energy system to support your psyche and well-being.