Stones of Intuition

In such uncertain times it is so difficult to make a plan. We could wish for a crystal ball and a certain path with a certain outcome laid out before us. For me, in times of uncertainty, I lean on my crystal allies and energy keepers to help activate and open my intuitive centers, to assist me in navigating new pathways. Among my favorites are kyanite, azurite, pietersite and lapis.

Kyanite deepens the connection to the higher self. It strengthens the awareness of one’s soul guidance and activates the dreamtime at night. Amplifying dreams of significance and memory retention upon waking. The crystalline structure aligns and amplifies the source energy of your central core, the column of light running up and down the center of your being, anchoring higher levels of your energetic being into your consciousness. 

Azurite is very powerful for opening and activating the third eye, for clairvoyant mind-sight and discernment, psychic awareness and inner knowing. This too can assist in dream work. It is often fragile and does not need to be held to work with it. You can gaze at, breathing deeply, with the intention of harmonizing your energy to its frequency. Then after a time close your eyes and with your mind’s eye hold the image of it within the center point of your skull, your pineal gland, the inner location of your third eye. Breathe deep and energize this chakra with the frequency of azurite. Allow, give it some time. 

Pietersite comes in three different colors blue. gold and red, or some combination of these. It is brecciated tiger eye with quartz. It is pretty rare and usually sourced in South Africa, and some, typically gold and red, out of China. For developing the inner vision you want to work with the bluer variety.  Its healing energy manifests, again deep within the third eye. It is helpful not just for developing your inner vision but in directing and choosing what you are looking at. It has an anchoring orienting energy to it. So if you find yourself in an ocean wave of chaotic shifts and need clarity, anchoring, and orientation, this is the stone for you. 

Lapis lazuli aligns you with Divine will.It helps you to tap into your spiritual wisdom and the depth of your spirit. it can serve as an anchor point for returning to an awareness of your higher self. It can be used as a talisman of Archangel Michael, often invoked for protection but also powerful in aligning with Divine Will, clearing the way to activate and offer our gifts thus getting into the flow prosperity and abundance.

Intuition and discerning foresight are muscles to train and flex. The crystal allies are there to remind you what keynote to tap into to open the energy flow. The breath carries the flow of energy to, and through, the third eye energy center that process light energy information. Knowing can come as images, words, or calm knowing and epiphanic thoughts. Sometimes it comes later or in a dream. It can be quite subtle so listen closely and keep breathing. Keep practicing. It is about fine tuning your energy field and flexing your focus.

Peace out.