Rhodochrosite is a beautiful pink mineral often occurring with creamy banding or rarely as a pure red rhomboidal crystals. It is composed of manganese carbonate although the manganese is sometimes replaced by iron, magnesium or calcium which can change the pink to brown, white, or grey. It is found in Argentina, S. Africa, Peru, Montana, Colorado, Russia, Romania, Spain, China, Gabon, Mexico, and Japan.


An historically famous location is the Sweet Home Mine of Colorado. The mine was discovered in 1873 as a source of silver ore and ran as such until 1967. It was reopened in 1991 and became quite famous for it’s beautiful rhodochrosite specimens with exquisite rhomboid crystals in deep clear red exhibiting the mineral’s pure crystalline structure. It was closed in 2005 and is attributed with producing the finest rhodochrosite specimens ever. 


The semi-precious gem variety of rhodochrosite usually shows light to deep pinks with creamy banding. Cutters slice and cab the stalactite and massive shapes to show off the patterns or a particularly thick solid area of pink.

Metaphysically the energy of rhodochrosite is all about love, selfless compassionate love, applied to one’s self and to others. It encourages a positive and present mindset. It soothes emotional stress and heals painful and repressed feelings by elevating them to conscious awareness and release.


Placed on the heart chakra; rhodochrosite reaches in to the many petaled flower of the heart center to release and heal the buried, hidden, and denied feelings perceived by self as unacceptable or inappropriate; casting them in the light of compassion and acceptance as a part of the messiness of being human; elevating them to loving acceptance; healing the aspects of self that feel unloved. Time spent attuning to the energy of rhodochrosite truly magnifies the greatness of the heart chakra love field and assists one in attracting love in ones life. It also can be applied as healing love to the sacral and root chakras further healing the injured aspects of the psyche. This stone is particularly helpful to folks who have experienced sexual abuse.