About us

Meet the proprietors of Voices of the Stones: Carole and Mary.

About Us ImageWe are dealers of semi-precious beads, pearls, Sea Glass, Chinese crystal, and plated copper.

Although we are based out of the Catskills of New York, we travel from Maine to Colorado, from Arizona to Florida. We make appointments with shopkeepers, and set up at trade shows and some retail venues that are open to the public, including the Woodstock Flea Market in NY. We also produce a couple of shows a year where we exhibit our beads and rocks in Kingston NY. Check our calendar for details on a show near you.

We have stones custom cut into great shapes and directly import them. Our sea glass is handmade. The rest of the stones we pick out ourselves to insure good quality.

Wherever we go, it is not only the quality and price of the stone that attracts our customers. We are sensitive to the energy of stones and offer a cleaner, brighter feeling in our merchandise. Carole White brings twenty years of experience in the metaphysical world of stones to the business. This enhances the choice of beads we offer because, beyond the visual, people are attracted to the stones by an underlying energetic magnetism.

Carole had a metaphysical rock and mineral store and a healing practice in Woodstock NY for 8 years. She started Voices of the Stones as a wholesale metaphysical rock and mineral business in the year 2000. When she added stone beads in 2003, they took off with their own momentum and swiftly became more successful than the rocks and minerals. In 2004, Mary Cameron joined the team, bringing her experience as a professional organizer. Mary's ability to organize and clear the energy helps keep shopping a joyful experience for our customers.

If you would like us to visit you at your shop, drop us a note. Thank you!