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We are a multi-facetted business based in Woodstock NY. We go on tour to Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, and Illinois where we are known for outstanding quality gemstone beads and pearls as well as honesty, integrity, and informative service.

In our home town of Woodstock NY, we are fixtures of Mower's Flea Market Saturdays and Sundays located at 11 Maple Ln in Woodstock, behind Bread Alone Cafe. There we offer a diverse collection of crystals and minerals, stone pendents, rings, and silver chain at a good price. The beads are always available in the truck. We have a small selection out on display. Once a month on the 2nd Saturday (rain date Sunday) we haul out the bead collection and set up a 3rd tent.

You can find us on the left side of the field close to the fence with double white tents and a big white van.

Twice a year, in April and November we produce our big hotel show in Kingston NY where we have all the rocks jewelry and beads on display and fill up a hotel meeting room at the Kingston Courtyard. These are not to be missed!

We can also be found at the Nyack Street Fair and the Rosendale Street fair.

Please visit our Calendar for upcoming events and our Facebook page for news about the upcoming weekend and fun photos of the flea market and our adventures on the road.

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